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We have been working diligently to provide a webinar series that will defuse, often costly, internet misinformation while systematically distributing valuable information that leads to a better standard of living. We have offered individual assistance for decades and small group settings for a few years. During these uncertain times, many are searching to simplify, downsize and create multifamily living homes. We will contribute key information for these goals.

Knowledge is the key to making short and long term beneficial decisions. Many painful financial consequences are a result of lack of knowing the issue could even occur. We cannot plan for what we don't know. We cannot use financial tools we don't know are available. What we can do: learn. Know the right expert. Not waste money on the wrong source. You can avoid financial obstacles and blocks by preventative care in your financial planning.

We continue to distribute information at no charge that others can use to make decisions outside the pressure of a sales pitch. Often trying to make decisions, the advisor is attempting to earn an income rather than seek the individual's best interest. By presenting this to you in an informational webinar, you can learn, halt misinformation and research in a relaxed way what may be needed now or later, for yourself or for loved ones.

Join us today by registering to zoom with us December 16 and share it with everyone!

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