Employer Workshops

Financially Mature Employees are a valuable asset to employees. They can be counted on in more areas than finances... these employees are more respectful of their own time as well as the company time. Select a Workshop from the list the Request a workshop to the right for your employees. ​

High School Workshops
These are designed to send students into the financial world with a handful of tools to design reasonable  written plans with attainable scheduled goals. Specific Workshops are selected from the list  by the teacher, career counselor, or other school official based on their expert opinion of what would benefit their students. 
Tax Preparation

The workshop presenter  is a licensed, bonded, registered tax preparer with almost thirty years experience. 


Workshop Key Objects

1. increase an understanding of what is actually happening on the tax forms. 

2. reduced amendments when clients utilize the online free programs.


Personal & Itemized 

with basics on Small Business

Home Selling OR
Home Buying  

This workshop is presented by a licensed real estate agent. 

Workshop Key Objects:  

Preparing for the Sale or Purchase

Consumer Rights and Obligations



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